white fluffy water!


We’ve had polar cold for at least a week, but today whoever is in charge of weather decided that that was becoming boring.

This morning, it was a soupcon of acqua alta.

And now: Snow!

For all my readers who may have been shoveling white fluffy water since Michaelmas, excuse me for doing that annoying “It’s so pretty!!” thing.  I grew up in upstate New York, so I grew up being unimpressed.  But now I feel differently.  Sorry.  That could be largely because I don’t have to drive in it.

The important thing now is that it doesn’t melt and then freeze.  I draw the line at that.  Ice turns bridges into stone skateboards from which people can fly with amazing speed and pain.  So I’m fine with it melting, but no freezing.  That’s the rule that I just made up.

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IMG_4618 blog snow 590 use



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  1. Linda Bailey Zimmerman says:

    Excellent rule!
    (By 10 pm the Accademia Bridge was a solid launching pad)

  2. Mary Ann De Vlieg says:

    Yay! Snow, as exciting to this former Detroit as it is to a former New Yorker! Here on Sant’Erasmo, although my shutters we’re iced shut, the sun rose in a blue sky (so I of course instantly did the washing) but by the time I went to hang it out to dry, the fog had settled and in a few winks, the laundry was icy (literally…icicles from sleeves…) If I could post pics to this blog, I would!

    But no, we are not going into Venice today, I hung up my ice skates long ago… take care, Venetians!

  3. Caterina B says:

    Here in Colorado in the mountains at our little cabin we’ve had three feet in the last week. You probably know that CA has had terrible flooding because of warm rains melting the deep, deep snow in the Sierras. This is very strange weather. We better get used to it, I think. I do remember lots of snow when I was a child but not so much in these times.
    I am usually glad when we get considerable snow amounts because to us, snow is two things, jobs in the nearby ski areas and water in our creek next spring. We rely on the snow melt to replenish the water table for our well water and, so far, it’s very good, abundant water. I know water scarcity is a major issue for the World and it’s very worrying. I don’t necessarily mean in my part of the state, I mean all over the West and even, of course, the World. Thank heavens we are just below a major wilderness area where it snows every Winter. What does Venice do for drinking water and is snow common there in Venice? I know Crete has had snow lately, too, since I read a blog from Crete. It’s called Organically Greek and Maria Verivaki is also on Facebook. She often posts photos of the “Venetian” port in Chania, where she lives. Interesting stuff to read.

    • Erla Zwingle says:

      Some of Venice’s drinking water comes from a reservoir at Lago Santa Croce in the region of Trentino-Alto Adige. Some (I have read) comes from aquifers on the mainland. Some is recycled and full of chlorine. When we lived in Dorsoduro the tap water tasted fine, then one day it began to smell like a swimming pool. In Castello it’s okay. The problem with the fresh water is that it’s extremely “hard,” and products to remove dissolved limestone are necessary if you want to keep your sinks sparkling. I tend to use vinegar. As for snow, it used to be, let’s say, not unusual. I’ve seen it snow a good number of times here. However, the past few years has seen less and less — in fact, I was surprised to see the flakes the other evening. Southern Italy, ironically, is being tormented by days and days and days of heavy snow, power lines out, streets and even main roads left unplowed. So it’s too much in one place, and nothing in the other (here).

  4. Shelley says:

    She looks lovely in white!

  5. Denise says:

    Very Interesting topic to start with. First off, The pictures kinda scared me a bit but when i read the blog. I was enlightened that there are place on you almost in loved with.