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As you know, I don’t usually mention other websites about Venice (or anywhere else, actually).  There are many reasons for that, but in this case I’m making an exception.  Sharp-eyed readers will notice that I have contributed a few fragments to the list, and I hope you will explore other places suggested by their traveling correspondents:

23 Insider tips for Things to do in Venice



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  1. Ciao Erla,

    It gives me plenty of ideas for entertaining a friend who will be visiting me the last week of March in Venice.
    I’ll be there for the entire month. I’ve rented an apartment in the Molino Stucky Complex (the price was right).
    I will email you with my Italian phone number probably sometime in February and perhaps we can meet for “un caffe”.

  2. Don Mathias says:

    A climb to the top of the bell tower at Torcello is not to be missed, if you can get there early (take the ordinary vaporetto).

    • Erla says:

      Excellent suggestion. The view from the top is fabulous. However, getting there “early” means getting there when they open at 10:00 AM (winter) or 10:30 (summer). Also, a ticket is required — 5 euros for the belltower only, or 9 euros for tower plus basilica. These details might have been useful in the website, but oh well. Torcello information: itorcello.it/visitare-la-basilica-di-torcello/?lang=en

  3. Andreas Jonsson says:

    Bondì Erla,

    Happy san Martino. I whish you all the best and all the cookies you can eat! 🙂

    In Sweden, at least the Southern parts, the main event at san Martino is goose, eating of.

  4. Andreas Jonsson says:

    Happy Feast of Saint Lucia to you and Lino. May your eyes never fail you and may you have saffronbuns and gingerbread and plenty of mulled wine. 🙂
    As I might have rambled on about before, Saint Lucia is a popular saint in the otherwise quite secular Sweden. In a few hours I’m off to my daughters kindergarten to watch a bunch of kids, all in their on key and melody, sing the songs of Saint Lucia.

    All the best!