The missing YouTube clip


Yet again, my blog as it arrives via e-mail omitted the YouTube clip  of the obstacle course which I worked so hard to find.

At some point I will inquire as to how to avoid this glitch.

Meanwhile, here is the link:

Apologies to all.

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  1. Elio Zentilin says:

    Hi Erla,
    Sent an inversion table, from UK, to a friend in the Friuli, bought and sent by Amazon/ E bay. moderately priced, including delivery to Italy. It arrived within the week. I appreciate Venice has delivery problems. Maybe you need a friend in UK.
    Povera Italia.

    • Erla Zwingle says:

      To be fair, I’m not sure Italy has more serious problems with delivery than you can find elsewhere. My sister shipped an antique sideboard from Washington to Florida and it never arrived. Nobody at the company was ever capable of coming up with an explanation. What’s burdensome here, mainly, is the cost of everything. I can understand there are added costs of unloading a truck, loading a boat, driving the boat to its destination, unloading the boat, and returning to Tronchetto. But I think twice the cost of the purchase is unacceptable. As for the inversion table, I’m glad it worked out for you all. If you should ever consider Amazon-ing something to somebody in Italy, you might want to look at I see inversion tables there with free shipping (via Amazon Prime).

  2. Allan Williams says:

    Dear Erla, If it helps I can tell you that your blog was complete here. I lost the sound on the clip half way thru, but that wasn’t a bad thing. Your account of getting those shelves makes hope that they give you long and useful service.

    Many thanks for being so entertaining and informative.


  3. Andrew says:


    Thanks for your continuing story of the life you live in Venice. It provides such an amazing insight in to your city.