The last of Mahtab


IMG_3909 mahtab

The newspaper hasn’t reported anything further about when Mahtab Ahad Savoji’s remains will be released so that her aunt can take her home.  Evidently she’s still in the morgue.

It has reported, however, that the “atypical strangulation” was caused by a forearm; the most likely scenario for this type of injury, according to the coroner, was that she would have been seized from behind and the assailant’s forearm squeezed against her neck.

Alcohol was found in her blood, though not at the extreme level described by her roommates. Her blood alcohol level was reported at “twice the legal limit,” which here would mean it was 0.10%.  This level could result from her having drunk a bottle of wine, or five shots of whiskey, over the course of four hours, though if she was killed at 2:00 PM it’s unlikely she began drinking at 10:00 AM.  Even though this is Italy, where some people start their engines before dawn, it doesn’t match the personality described by her family and friends.

Still, if I were living with Rajeshwar and Gagandeep, a couple of shots might have been just what I needed.

I can’t think about this anymore, so I will close with  تسلیت می گویم یا تسلیت مرا بپذیرید. My condolences.


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  1. Mary Ann De Vlieg says:

    It is vey moving that you have focused on this, Erla. And quite right, too. May she rest in the peace that she ought to have been able to find in her life. Hope her aunt is welcomed warmly and supportively here.

    • Erla Zwingle says:

      From the daily inundation of sad and infuriating news, some things just stand out. This one was for me. Somebody else would respond to something else. God knows there’s plenty to choose from.