Giving me a break


I’m not in Venice.  I haven’t been in Venice.  I will not be in Venice.  I’m on sabbatical.

Which will last a month — my own definition of “sabbatical.”  And I’m not acquiring new skills or training, either, which is usually expected in these cases.

I don’t have so much as a photograph of the most beautiful city in the world to throw onto these hallowed pages.

I’m not even in Italy.

That’s all I’m going to say at the moment, except to say that I have, in fact, the full intention of writing something while I’m here and even brought my homework.

But no photos, as mentioned.

I have written this tiny post because some of my sainted readers have contacted me to say they had noticed, and not with approval, my silence.  So my conscience smote me.

Passo e chiudo, as we say in the old Belpaese:  Over and out.

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  1. Bon Vogage! Hope to hace you back son!

  2. Mary Ann DeVlieg says:

    Rest. Relax. Go to a country where everything works, and works well, the first time, with no hassle, no signing another paper and no paying an extra charge. or a new tax just dreamt up, with as-yet unclear definition but automatic deduction from your bank account. (um, wait, is there such a place?) OK, there isn’t such a citizens’ paradise, so better just come back home to Venice when you’re ready. At least it’s beautiful. And in your sharp eyes, very amusing to boot. Anchors away?

  3. Gi says:

    Here’s a recent reader of yours wishing you a very nice “sabbatical” and good return.
    Gi recently posted..Por qué no se calla?

  4. Amy says:

    Wishing you a lovely sabbatical and Happy Thanksgiving as well.