Happy baguette to you


Just to show that it’s not all lamentation and garment-rending out here, I’m sharing a glimpse of a blithe little moment in the Piazza San Marco this morning.

Four French women (no, they hadn’t been sent as reparations, or hostages, by Napoleon…) were celebrating the birthday of one of them.  It was pretty sweet.  I didn’t ask what else the day had in store for them.  Any people who are able to come up with this as the centerpiece of a party are capable of just about anything, and I hope they did them all.

This sort of celebratory stegosaurus-tail baguette certainly upstages your ordinary old cupcake. The woman on the left was celebrating her “28th-and-a-half” birthday. I don’t see a half candle, but never mind. I didn’t wait to watch, but trying to light, and keep lit, 28 candles facing  into the wind was kind of like trying to keep all those plates spinning on their little sticks.   Anyway,I wasn’t there to stage-manage their birthday bread. They were having a great time, and that’s the end of the story.


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  1. Debi says:

    no cakes in Venice? 😉

    • Erla Zwingle says:

      You jest, I know: Certainly there are cakes here. But buying a cake requires no imagination whatsoever. This quartet gets high marks from me because while I doubt that all four women came up with the idea, obviously one of them did and the other three went along with it. And they still had hours left in which to eat gelato.