The water missed the exit


The acqua alta which was anticipated for this morning at 9:40 — and which was announced with the necessary and appropriate siren plus three tones at 6:15 — didn’t make it ashore.

That is to say, I imagine there was some H20 in the Piazza San Marco, but the maximum height the water reached was 103 cm above sea level, not the expected 130.

I felt I ought to report on this, to reassure anyone who might have thought I’d be shifting furniture at dawn, but even more to reassure people that weather forecasts here can be just as imprecise as anywhere.  If that’s reassuring.

Faithful reader Debi Connor asked for pictures, so here goes.  I know that this is not the scene she expected.  It’s not the scene I expected either, but it’s a lovely thing to behold.

The water at the edge of our street, at 9:50 AM.

And the street across the canal. All quiet on the high-water front, at least in our neighborhood.

There is another high-water alert on for the next peak tide, tonight near midnight.  Naturally we will be paying attention.

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  1. Andrew @ Blogging Guide
    Twitter: andrewrondeau


    Fingers cross the next peak-tide is the same.


  2. Erla Zwingle says:

    You must have magic fingers. In fact, last night’s peak tide was also anti-climactic (I’m happy to say). Details in a post update. Have you ever thought of insuring your fingers? Just a thought.

  3. Debi says:

    HAHA! I Made your blog all the way from dry New York!! And yes I enjoyed the pics, glad the water lost its mojo!

    Hmm, I could get used to see my name in print….