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Lino is assessing the situation as we near the edge of the Riva.  As you can tell, there's relatively little to assess.  If you're still standing up, you're okay.

Lino is assessing the situation as we near the edge of the Riva. As you can tell, there’s relatively little to assess. If you’re still standing up, you’re okay.

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1x1.trans IMG 6831 aa
As we got closer to the Riva dei Sette Martiri facing the lagoon, the reality of the tide going out began to really mean something.  The combined force of the water channeling out of the Grand Canal and the Giudecca Canal toward the sea hit the embankment approximately at the end of via Garibaldi.  Lino said he'd never seen anything like this, and he's seen every acqua alta in 70 years.  Walking against this was like walking against an Alpine torrent.

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Camera // Canon PowerShot ELPH 100 HS
Date Taken // 11-11-2012 04:20
Dimensions // 550 x 461
Aperture // f/3.5
Focal Length // 8.022mm
ISO // 100
Shutter Speed // 0.07 seconds
The only yacht moored near the Arsenal was finding itself in a fairly unpleasant situation.  Perhaps the waves wouldn't have lifted it up onto the pavement, but it was well on its way to well and truly having its expensive hull bashed and dented.  The only two people on board were working like madmen to push the fenders between the stone and the metal.  But it was a doomed endeavor.  Why?  Because the wind and water were pushing against them, and for some incomprehensible reason they had not slackened one of the lines attaching the boat to the fondamenta.  Even if these two were Samson and Hercules, they couldn't have pushed the boat out further than the rope would let them.  And yet they kept trying.  I wanted to go say "Untie the line!" but Lino said "Don't even think of getting yourself involved, for the sake of the souls of all my dead relatives."