Venice situation report


To my dauntless readers:  The situation to which I refer above does not involve Venice, though as you know, every day there are more situations here than anybody has room for.

I know that there has been silence from me the past few days.  This silence does not represent either laziness or lack of desire to load you up with all sorts of news and views.  Au contraire, as the man said in the Bay of Biscay when asked if he had dined.  (Credit to Dorothy Sayers.)

The thing is that I have been hit by a rogue wave of technical issues concerning my blog which have seriously slowed me down.  I must resolve at least one or two of them before getting back to posts as before.  I may be able to publish something without a photograph — humans did manage to communicate somehow before photographs, I seem to recall — so I may do that to keep you up on at least some of what is going on out here.

In any case, I am on the case, and will be back to you as quickly as the technosphere will allow.  I think I must have made it angry somehow.  I probably insulted it by acting as if I knew what I was doing.



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  1. Yvonne says:

    Come back, Little Sheba!
    Yvonne recently posted..Transformation 2

  2. Erla says:

    Don’t worry, I’m not going far.

  3. Christa says:

    Persist, persevere and prevail. You have my prayers because the blogosphere needs your postings – which are GREAT and greatly appreciated!

    • Erla Zwingle says:

      Bless you for the encouragement. I’m so stuck in a swamp of bits and bytes I need to remember what it’s all for. Which is my dauntless readers, like you.

  4. George Franklin says:

    Hang in there! I know these technical problems are exhausting, but you have a great blog. There are many of us who look forward to your wonderful essays.

  5. Erla says:

    Infinite thanks, as they say here. You’ve put new heart into me. Stand by, I think we’re good to go again.

  6. > rogue wave of technical issues concerning my blog

    In today’s world that usually means being hacked. News of people and firms suffering computer intrusion are galore worldwide and I work in IT security.

    It’s frightening to think of those computer hackers, who, one day will gain access to the controls of the MOSE system. Hopefully the flood gate controls are not made by Bill Gates!

    Anyhow, let’s recover the blog and keep the morale high, Ms. Erla!

    • Erla Zwingle says:

      I’m happy to say that in fact I wasn’t hacked, but ran into space limits on my web host. What?? Limit my space?? Unthinkable! As for the MOSE system, it will probably fail to function for any of a number of much more mundane reasons having to do with maintenance. It’s not at all clear to what degree the designers took into account the rate at which algae and mollusks attach themselves to anything stationary under water here. Where nature is concerned, one hardly needs hackers to have problems.

  7. Jon says:

    Hurry back Erla.

  8. Rob C says:


    Just wanted to say, hurry back.

    I love to read your blog, it reminds me that, if I’m ever fortunate enough to relocate to Venice, I have to become a Venetian, not just someone who lives in Venice.

    We’ll be in Venice for Christmas, again, and your blog always gives me something to look up/ into during our visit.


    • Erla Zwingle says:

      I’m not sure why you got detoured onto an old post, but I’m back — and thank you for your enthusiasm. I really appreciate it. Hope you like the later posts, as I try to keep up with life here (and a lot of things I just let float away…..). Merry Christmas!

      • Linda says:

        The detour is because all subsequent posts to this one appear to have disappeared. I too keep checking the blog and can’t see anything after this one.

        • Erla Zwingle says:

          Thank you for bringing this astonishing situation to my attention. I haven’t heard of it before because evidently this problem doesn’t strike all my readers so I wasn’t getting this feedback. Anyway, I’m on the case and will be straightening this out as fast as I can.